Timber (Limited Edition)

Slagwerk Den Haag speelt Timber van Michael Gordon. De cd is een Limited Edition en wordt geleverd in een zeer speciale houten box. 

Uitgebracht door Cantaloupe Music, New York

Prijs (incl. verzendkosten)

27,50 euro 

Internationale recensies

"A really nice bunch of killer musicians" - Michael Gordon about Slagwerk Den Haag

"Hypnotiserend. [...] De dynamiek van hout ten voeten uit"
Slagwerkkrant, sept/okt 2011

"Met ijzeren discipline leggen de zes slagwerkers de poëzie van dit minimalistische werk bloot. Timber is een productie waaraan ook in letterlijke zin - alles klopt."
***** de Volkskrant, 17 augustus 2011 

"The glorious overtones produced from this limited array has to be heard to be believed. A spine-tingling shimmer caroms from east to west in the listener’s headphones." 
TimeOut Chicago, 10 augustus 2011

"The piece is a test of dexterity and endurance for the players, a polyrhythmic panoply that turns the individual impacts of mallets on wood into cascading waves of sound."
Dusted Magazine

"This is a unique and wonderful piece and easily my fave recording + packaging of 2011."
Sticking it to you, september 2011

"The recording is wonderful, conveying a sense of both space and the immediate presence of each attack.  [...] Ultimately, the music leaves me tranformed emotionally and mentally in the most peaceful and energizing ways. "
Endless Possibilities, 9 augustus 2011.

"Gordon’s penchant for polyrhythms and rhythmic canons keeps the musical textures varied and buoys a fascinating narrative that remains instense throughout the piece’s fifty-five minute long duration"
Sequenza 21/, 11 aug 2011

"Apart from the surprising sensuality of the sound itself, Timber's appeal and strength are evident in the richness and depth it reveals on repeated hearings. Slagwerk Den Haag plays the staggeringly difficult score with uncanny precision and attention to the infinitesimal gradations of dynamics that the piece requires to make its full impact; it's a remarkably assured performance. Highly recommended of any fans of new music or music for percussion."
All Music

"Seriously folks, I don't know how Slagwerk Den Haag played that so accurately---with barely ever a clam and how bout the level of concentration and sustained intensity. Shows what 30 years of intense, Dutch Minimalism can produce. This is an earth shattering, life-changing recording."
Customer Review on Amazon.com

"It's amazing what pure music can be generated by six simple pieces of wood. Of course, six outstanding percussionists are manipulating the six pieces of wood."
Customer Review on amazon.com

"The result is a shimmering, gentle cloud of sound that rises as if by some sort of alchemy from a busy barrage of brittle percussion. Timber is roughly an hour long, and its microscopic changes and incremental developments—executed on ridiculously restrictive instruments—demand intense concentration from the musicians. But the holistic effect is so hypnotically compelling that you might never notice how fastidious they are."
Chicago Reader

“It is a one of a kind musical experience and nothing like this has ever been recorded.”
Presto Classical


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