Words & Beyond II: Nan Sul Hun

Van Oct 2014 t/m Oct 2014
Duur 70 minuten
Music, dance and song

Music, dance and song come together in Words & Beyond II: Nan Sul Hun, composed by Seung-Ah Oh. Besides three percussionists of Slagwerk Den Haag, the production involves a traditional Korean singer, a Keomungo player, an accordianist and two dancers. This work is a sequel to Words & Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi, which according tot the reputable Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant brought about 'an intriguing Asian ambiance'. 

In Words & Beyond II the Korean Huh Nansulhun (1563-1589), who comes from a modern-minded aristocratic environment, developed her intellectual powers to a high level. Yet at the age of 15 she was traditionally married which was followed by an unhappy and unfulfilled life. Huh Nansulhun wrote some of Korea's most beautiful poems that are at the basis of Words & Beyond II


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