Van Apr 2014 t/m May 2014
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part of 'Dutch Doubles'

The programme Dutch Doubles performed by the National Ballet is an opportunity for choreographers, dancers and artists from various disciplines to show what they can do. The National Ballet is launching four world premières in which choreographers work alongside world-famous Dutch artists: harpist Remy van Kesteren, fashion designers Viktor & Rolf, photographer Rinke Dijkstra and visual artist Krijn de Koning.

Slagwerk Den Haag is also contributing to this remarkable programme, with a piece by a young choreographer and rising star, Juanjo Arqués. In Roulette, Arqués goes head-to-head with Krijn de Koning, one of the foremost visual artists of our time. De Koning is famous for his abstract architectural sculptures, in which colour plays a vital role. Arqués's latest piece is set to music by Michael Gordon, Jacob Ter Veldhuis and David Lang, performed live by Richard Jansen and Slagwerk Den Haag. 

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