Music for Bones

Van Feb 2014 t/m Dec 2014
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Mexican spectacle

Horse jaws as a musical instrument? That sounds truly remarkable! They can be heard and seen during Music for Bones (‘Noche de los Muertos’), a Mexican programme by Slagwerk Den Haag. 

Strong ties with Mexico

Over the last few years, SDH has built up strong ties with Mexican composers and percussionists. Noche de los Muertos is an ancient South-American tradition of people remembering family, friends and loved ones who have passed during a unique night of music, dance flowers, food and companionship. This tradition has inspired countless artists, film-makers and musicians.  

Visual spectacle

Music for Bones consists of several very different components. Alongside music by contemporary Mexican composers, the programme is also visually engaging. Imaginative instruments are used and intriguing videos by visual artist Martha Colburn give a peek into a miniature world specially created for the concert. 

SDH invited three young Mexican composers to add their personal signature to the Noche de los Muertos theme for Music for Bones. In addition to new work by Carlos Iturralde, Hugo Morales has also written new work, in which he makes use of life-size horse jaws. Martha Colburn joined Felipe Waller in writing a parable in which SDH play on wooden planks that symbolise coffins. The 'voices' of the dead are conjured up by rubbing bouncy balls against the wood to evoke singing - an experience that will make you quiver! 

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