Lost and Found

Van Nov 2014 t/m Nov 2014
Duur minuten
KOnStrukt special edition

Slagwerk Den Haag and the Royal Conservatoire continue their creative collaboration in an exciting new project. In the summer of 2014, composer Yannis Kyriakides and Fedor Teunisse, artistic director of SDH, visited Cyprus with a group of students from the composition and percussion departments. They spent time exploring the long and turbulent history of the island. In Lefkosia, for example, they saw objects from classical antiquity discovered during excavation work. 

Forty years ago, the Turkish army occupied the northern part of the island. The Greeks who lived there were forced out of their homes. Yannis Kyriakides was one of them. He shared his memories with the students. This information and the objects in the museum served as the inspiration for work by composition students Andrius Arutiunian, Darien Brito, Yael Levy and Aurélie Lierman. It is performed by students of percussion Marianna Soroka, Alfonso Salar Ruiz and members of Slagwerk Den Haag. 

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