Van Aug 2014 t/m Aug 2014
Duur 50 minuten
How different is different?

This workshop is all about music from different cultures. Children hear music from Africa, the USA, Europe and Indonesia. And they themselves will play African drums and experience what it is to perform 'Clapping Music' by the American composer Steve Reich. In a playful way, the children discover that there are similarities between traditional African drumming, Indonesian gamelan and rhythms that were used by the classical composers. In short, music, and the musicians who play the music, often seem very different, but ultimately both the music and the people behind the music have very much in common. The workshop will conclude with a mini concert. 

Age: 7-14 years (workshop level can be adjusted to age)
Number of percussionists: 2
Location: classroom or other space
Language: Dutch or English

More information

Slagwerk Den Haag has an extensive educational program for children (aged 4 to 14) that's not only interesting for schools, but also for after-school programs or youth organizations. The children will get to know unexpected percussion instruments and there is plenty of interaction. Besides the regular programs, we can also offer customized programs, according to your wishes. Please get in touch for more information. 

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